Beauty - The eyes that have it

PUBLISHED: 16:45 31 March 2010 | UPDATED: 16:59 20 February 2013

Beauty - The eyes that have it

Beauty - The eyes that have it

Original Wonderbra girl Beulah Grant knows when it's time to give your natural assets a little help. The glamorous Hove resident tells us about her new low maintenance, high impact beauty fix: eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions have been around a long time says Beulah Grant, but celebrities like Cheryl Cole have made them incredibly popular. Right now it seems that in the beauty world, big is best: a high street make-up brand is marketing false lash effect mascara, and every shopping centre offers temporary lash extensions. Beulah, who appeared in the original Wonderbra adverts in 1977 at the age of 18, now models in live fashion shows on This Morning and the QVC shopping channel, and says that in the fashion world, adorning the natural lash is commonplace: Everyone has them, so I gave it a go myself the effect was so incredible that I booked myself in for a course right away and became a mobile therapist!

Beulah travels to her clients homes for each 1 hour treatment. It is a laborious process, involving adhering a synthetic extension to each natural lash (between 80 and 100 per eye) while the client reclines on a couch. You need to be quite patient to be good at it laughs Beulah. Once complete, each set of lashes will last around five weeks, or longer with regular maintenance. To prolong the life of your new lashes you will need to get regular infills, as they fall out at the same rate as your natural lashes.

Clients can choose from a number of effects, from dramatic to natural, but even the thickest, longest lashes are completely weightless, says Beulah. You cant tell theyre there at all. Some people seem quite surprised to be able to open their eye afterwards!

Beulah has some high-profile clients, from Arab royalty to Chelsea socialites. Some of my clients are quite high maintenance, so they might match their eyelash extensions to a particular outfit the extensions come in different colours, size and thicknesses. Some have a brightly coloured tip, which is quite subtle, but looks amazing says Beulah. Each lash is curled in a C shape, so you dont need mascara. There are just two simple rules: no oily make up remover and no rubbing.

Because extensions are low maintenance and high impact, the treatment is particularly popular with brides, says Beulah. They give a more natural, romantic look than false lashes, and they will last for the duration of the honeymoon. Even swimming in the sea wont budge extensions, so theyre perfect for beach holidays and hot climates.

Working in the fashion industry, Beulah sees a lot of trends. She is, however, evangelical about the effect of extensions: They really give you the wow factor you get masses more attention when youre wearing them. Theyre definitely here to stay.

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Prices start from 70 for a full set, with infills from 30 and outer corner flicks at 40.

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