Wind of Change - the opening of a wind turbine at Glynbourne

PUBLISHED: 01:06 26 February 2012 | UPDATED: 21:06 20 February 2013

Wind of Change - the opening of a wind turbine at Glynbourne

Wind of Change - the opening of a wind turbine at Glynbourne

Glyndebourne took a step towards sustainability with the launch of its wind turbine that the Executive Chairman, Gus Christie says is a thing of beauty. He was assisted by Sir David Attenborough and Verity Cannings of Ringmer Community College

The new 67-metre wind turbine at Glyndebourne was given a seal of approval by broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough at its official launch.

Sir David Attenborough said: Wind power can never provide for all our wants but every bit of power generated by wind must be welcomed. Even if we only generate a fraction of what our country needs in this way, then we must.

The ultimate goal of the project is for Glyndebourne to become carbon neutral with the turbine delivering clean and efficient energy with no fuel or waste.

Gus Christie, Glyndebournes Executive Chairman said he hoped the wind turbine would inspire other organisations to explore ways to reduce their own carbon footprint.

The organisation plans to educate local and regional groups on the benefits of renewable energy by arranging community engagement activities focusing on positive energy.

This year will see Glyndebournes 2012 Festival as the first to run on wind power, with the turbine, commissioned in December, contributing substantially to the charitys aspiration that 90 per cent of the power required to stage Glyndebournes operas will be delivered sustainably through renewable energy.

Mr Christie said: I believe this turbine is symbolic of our age and an object of beauty as it harnesses the wind to provide sustainable power. We hope our turbine will inspire other organisations to explore ways in which they can directly reduce their carbon footprint.

Sir David and Mr Christie were joined at the official ribbon cutting by Verity Cannings, student Head of Eco at Ringmer Community College.

Verity, 16, believes in living a sustainable lifestyle. She said: I am excited that Ringmer Community College is able to be here to see genuine environmental action being taken. Glyndebourne is inspiring local communities by exploring ways to reduce its carbon footprint and I hope other companies will follow its lead.

In December 2011, Glyndebournes wind turbine generated 212,305 KW/h, almost double the amount utilised by Glyndebourne in December 2010.

Glyndebourne has undertaken a broad range of environmental education activities since 2009 and most recently in 2011 the wind turbine inspired the youth production On Off which explored the idea of how we would cope with no electricity.

On Off tracked the journey of young people with a heavy reliance on electricity, through a power cut and blackout, building a wind turbine and back to having electricity.

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