Seaford student meets Buzz Aldrin

PUBLISHED: 16:08 21 May 2015 | UPDATED: 16:08 21 May 2015


Seaford College Prep School pupil Harry French had the great privilege of meeting the legendary Buzz Aldrin last week.

Harry, 7, went with his father Ed French, to meet Buzz Aldrin at Gatwick Airport. He presented the former astronaut and second person to walk on the Moon with a drawing of a man and a rocket getting to Mars. Buzz, who rarely gives autographs, signed one of Harry’s drawings and also added his logo, which describes his idea to launch for the Moon and then springboard to Mars.

Harry said: “I talked to him and he said he was interested in getting a man to Mars. I gave him my drawing and he said he would see if NASA could make my rocket. I’d like to put his autograph and the rocket in a glass cabinet and display it in my bedroom.”

Harry and Buzz talked for about ten minutes about Mars, rockets and Harry’s drawings, in an encounter that Harry’s father described as ‘truly magical.’

Buzz’s PA took a number of photos of Harry and Buzz that might be used for Buzz’s next book project, which studies children with space.

Ed French commented: “Harry is very lucky, but Buzz leaves our country armed with a drawing of a rocket that would get man to Mars.”

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