Run for Hari Eaglestone in this year's Brighton Marathon

PUBLISHED: 12:35 25 January 2011 | UPDATED: 20:32 20 February 2013

Hari Eaglestone is a five-year-old boy from Brighton with severe autism and sensory processing dysfunction. He needs help to continue his development programme and is hoping to find someone with an existing marathon place to raise funds

If you are running this year's marathon and would like to help the Tree of Hope charity raise funds for Hari Eaglestone,they would love to hear from you!

Hari was born inEastbournein 2006 and now lives in Brighton. He was typically developing as a baby until he contracted pneumonia at 12 months old and was hospitalised, requiring oxygen, IV antibiotics and steroid treatments. From 12-21 months, Hari had 14 further A&E visits and 8 admissions for respiratory distress, including a bronchoscopy investigation under general anaesthetic. During this time Hari's development regressed, and by 22 months he had developed severe autism and sensory processing dysfunction, having lost all previous play, language and communication skills. He had no eye contact, did not turn to his name and was non-verbal.

From 2 yrs of age, Hari has been following the Son-Rise approach (home programme with a team of volunteers) to develop social interaction skills. He has thrived on Son-Rise and his eye contact has returned. Hari can play interactively and loves his team of volunteers. He is affectionate, loving and very cheeky, has started to use some single words to communicate again and is potty trained. Hari's parents hope he willto be able to go to school one day.

Hari has also followedmany interventions including a biomedical approach (specific carbohydrate diet, nutritional therapy and supplements), homeopathy, cranial osteopathy, a HANDLE programme for sensory integration, the Tomatis listening programme and has funding for the first 9 months of the Scotson Technique at the Advance Centre (started October 2010).

The Tree of Hope Children's Charity is supporting Hari's family. Please helpthem tofund his continued treatment.

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