Partridge Green artist Charlie Hawksfield

PUBLISHED: 16:14 01 December 2015 | UPDATED: 16:14 01 December 2015


Charlie Hawksfield says that his path into all things artistic has been wide and varied.

Charlie HawksfieldCharlie Hawksfield

As well as drawing and painting, which now occupy most his time, he also writes stories and plays and is an avid reader. “I have always had an interest in art, but when I started doing it, it was very much vocational, or as a favour to friends who wanted to have their animals painted.”

Charlie’s animal portraits have something of a local following, and his ability to capture the character behind a horse’s eyes or a dog’s expression is indeed impressive. One of his latest commissions, a hound that he painted for a member of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt, is particularly popular “She’s called Raspberry,” says Charlie, before modestly adding that he is “quite pleased” with how the painting came out.

As Charlie shows me around his studio space in Partridge Green, which was once a stable block, it is clear that while his style is consistent throughout his work, his subject matters are broad, ranging from what he describes as “random thought processes” to larger-than life oil paintings of friends and family. One series that particularly draws my eye shows moments from old Sussex folklore. “I find the subject fascinating, and it allows me to paint in a more abstracted way, whilst still being rooted to a very particular moment, which I enjoy.”

Charlie gleans inspiration from places including poignant moments in current affairs, but also “images that strike a chord with whatever piece or series that I happen to be thinking about at the time.”

Although he is quick to point out that his is a fledgling career that is waiting to take flight and he feels he “hasn’t totally settled on who I want to be as an artist yet,” he says that in some ways this makes his work all the more exciting, as it is constantly changing and evolving. His mediums include charcoal and pencil, but it is oil that occupies much of his studio, and it is this that he professes to really enjoy.

To talk to Charlie about a commission, call him on 07816 484712 or go to

Photography by Henrietta Brierley;


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