Conciair Ltd Charter Flights, Goodwood, West Sussex

PUBLISHED: 11:35 19 November 2010 | UPDATED: 16:56 20 February 2013

Conciair Ltd Charter Flights, Goodwood, West Sussex

Conciair Ltd Charter Flights, Goodwood, West Sussex

Born of a Liverpool family in the mid years of the 2nd world war, I guess my future was mapped out through the influence of my father, who was in the Air Force...

Barrie M. Prescott

Company: Conciair Ltd

Address: Goodwood Aerodrome, Goodwood,

West Sussex PO18 0PH

Tel: 0560 3128268



Tell us about yourself? Born of a Liverpool family in the mid years of the 2nd world war, I guess my future was mapped out through the influence of my father, who was in the Air Force. Liverpool being a maritime City attracted most of my male cousins and relatives towards the Navy. For me, growing up with the Spitfire, the Hurricane, and Lancaster as part of the 1939-45 war certainly, but unknowingly, was an influence in my future. The need for post war employment for my father brought us South, settling in the Surry/Sussex area and it was from here that the informative part of my life started to take shape.

The leafy lanes of Cranleigh and Ewhurst contrasted greatly to the research and development period that took place at Dunsfold during the early 50s when Hawkers were developing the new generation of high performance jet fighters and test pilots like Neville Duke and Bill Bedford were every boy's mentor. Cricket on the famous Cranleigh green stopped when a Hunter or SeaHawk was overhead doing aeros. These were the days when breaking the sound barrier was an acceptable event, never heard today. The Hunter went on to be a front line fighter for many years with many of the worlds Air forces. How lucky I have been to actually own and fly one for the last 11 years.

My real career started in Crawley, then a new town and it was from here that my business and commercial future began through the then normal apprentice schemes that existed in the 60s Those days there were no computers or mobile phones so as a qualified Engineering Draughtsman I worked in a variety of engineering and aerospace establishments. Unfortunately the challenge did not suit me and a strategic change was made into Sales, which ultimately, and for the rest of my commercial career put me back in the one industry I new and loved- Aerospace. Over the years, Ive been privileged to be involved with most of the British and European aviation projects, including Tornado, Concorde, Airbus and Rolls Royce, predominately in a Sales/Engineering function and more specifically on the electronic side were tremendous global advances have been made. Working for US manufacturing companies and representing them in Europe and the Far East expanded my International skills and it was in 1983 I formed a company that essentially capitalized on the previous 25 years in business and in April 2008 my Company was acquired by a major US multimillion Dollar Corporation based in Los Angeles Describe you and youre businesss special qualities? Flying, of course has always been in my blood and for the past 20 years Ive been flying single and multi engine airplanes and Helicopters. Whilst I am still the proud owner of Hunter T7 (WV372) I enjoy seeing her in the professional hands of our top Gun Red Arrow pilots and her new role in raising money for childrens charities. Early in 2009 I formed an Air Charter company based out of Goodwood, Chichester. The Company, CONCIAIR Ltd, currently has two Hawker Beechcraft Baron light twins approved for commercial operations by the Civil Aviation Authority. The Company will shortly receive approval to fly 5 passengers to the London City Airport from Chichester in a time of 30 minutes. In January 2010, one of our Barons flew two passengers from Goodwood at 4:30pm and was sitting in a Milan Resturant at 9:30pm returning the following day to Goodwood at 7:15pm. This is just one example of how our company is different and how we can improve business and pleasure flying and save time. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Retiring is not in my vocabulary right now! I guess I believe in ticking boxes and Jack Nicholsons recent film, THE BUCKET LIST best describes me. At 70 I propose to spend more time with my children, Grand Children, friends and of course, flying.

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