Eye reader allows Steven to contact his mum at least twice a week

PUBLISHED: 10:36 02 December 2014


Steven, who has cerebral palsy, has lived at one of the Disabilities Trust services for the past nine years. His condition means that he has very limited control of his body movements and posture, as well as limited ability to communicate.

Steven is very close to his mum, but she lives on the opposite side of the country, over 135 miles away. She is only able to undertake the 270 mile round trip every other month and in the past Steven has found it difficult and quite lonely being apart from his family.

At this Disabilities Trust service, an eye reader has been purchased and installed in their training suite, allowing a computer to be operated through the tracking of the user’s eyes.

Steven is able to use the eye tracker to good advantage and it has provided him with the wonderful opportunity to contact his mum regularly.

He was supported to set up a Skype account and is now able to both speak and see her at least twice a week.

Steven has found that this opportunity has made a really great difference as he was only ever able to speak to his mum on the phone until she visited, but now he can see her more, he said: “It is simply the best thing ever created!”

The ability to use assistive technology for communication has already been life-changing for many people supported by The Disabilities Trust; encouraging individuals to live as independently as possible and maximising their ability to make choices and communicate.


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