Brighton actress Judy Cornwell - a fiery scene...

PUBLISHED: 17:09 05 January 2010 | UPDATED: 14:46 20 February 2013

judy cornwell

judy cornwell

Sussex actress Judy Cornwell is best known as the much-loved Daisy in Keeping Up Appearances but she is also a fierce campaigner, novelist and former magistrate. Veronica Groocock met her...

THIS is the extraordinary thing about ageing: the body's all changing and dropping to bits, but you go on being you. You're still the same person." At 66, Judy Cornwell feels as rebellious now as at just 15. She can be fiery, feisty and her anti authoritarian streak shows no sign of abating.

"There are some people you chemically dislike," she says. "Your hair stands on end and you know that you'll fall out." She had her first real "falling out" aged just 10 when she punched a nun and was expelled from the Sisters of Mercy convent in Australia (her family had emigrated to Australia).

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