Bright Young Thing: young author Alex Warne

PUBLISHED: 01:18 31 March 2011 | UPDATED: 19:07 20 February 2013

Bright Young Thing: young author Alex Warne

Bright Young Thing: young author Alex Warne

At seven years old, Alex Warne wrote his first book, The Heaven Flower, as a way of dealing with bereavement and his own cancer treatment. Now 13, Alex has written a further two books and hopes to become a well-known author

What made you decide to write The Heaven Flower? Can you describe the writing process and what gave you the idea for the story?
I had a vision that my grandad had come back to me, two days after his cremation. I was very close to my grandad and we went through cancer together but sadly he died one day after my 7th birthday.
When I woke up after seeing my grandad again I told my mum and she helped me to write The Heaven Flower. I was only seven at the time so I had to ask my mum how to spell some words. There wasnt a process really, I just wrote what I believed I had experienced.

In what way has writing helped you to cope with the adversity you have faced in your life?
It has helped me to get my emotions out and down on paper. I found it hard to talk about what I was going through so writing down thoughts and feelings really helped.
If you feel angry or sad, it is amazing how much it helps to write it down.

What school do you go to and what is your favourite subject?
I go to St Andrews High School for Boys in Worthing. It is a really good school. My favourite subject is English because I like to be creative. I also like science and drama.

What authors do you particularly admire?
Cresseda Cowel because she wrote my favourite collection of books including How To Train A Dragon

What is your favourite book?
I have four favourite books of all time: How to Train a Dragon, The Amazing Adventures of Curd the Lion and Us, Goodnight Mr Tom and Misery

Other than writing, what hobbies do you enjoy?
Wrestling, Air Cadets, going to the gym and hanging out with my mates.

What is your proudest achievement to date?
Having my book published. When my mum told me that Lynette Leitch from Canaan Press loved the book and wanted to publish it I couldnt believe it. I had a meeting with Nadia Chalk and told her what I wanted and she produced the illustrations. When the book first arrived it was weird seeing my name on the front I thought oh my god, thats me it was great.

What is your greatest ambition?
I would like to be a well known author and I have already written Big Kinnockers Wonderworld and Silver Snakes. My second greatest ambition is to be a pediatric doctor.

The Heaven Flower is available from the Canaan Press website or Waterstones

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