Alexandra's Animals: The Kindness of Strangers

PUBLISHED: 18:24 01 June 2012 | UPDATED: 21:27 20 February 2013

John one half of Jedward

John one half of Jedward

It has been a good month for horse and pony rehoming, says Alexandra Bastedo, actress and custodian of the ABC Animal Sanctuary...

AT LAST, after a slow winter and spring, the rehoming of the rescued animals at the Sanctuary has picked up. Bluebell, the lovely Clydesdale horse, has gone to an excellent home. When she came to us she was very subdued, her legs badly bitten by mites, but by the time she left a month later she was a lot happier and had even begun to whinny to us.

The lady who took her on is an experienced horsewoman who wanted to give a rescued horse a home. She is now sharing a field with a quiet older horse described as a "gentleman" and is being thoroughly spoilt. George, the little Welsh pony that my friend Sally Cooper offered to train, was so quick to learn that he has been offered a home with experienced riders for their four-year-old son. He will be kept under Sallys watchful eye at her yard in Pulborough.

Both of the equines have had their homes checked and are on permanent loan contracts which are the same as those used by Sussex Horse Rescue. As the charity is not a commercial business we do not sell animals but instead rely on donations for the existence of the animals. If the animals are on permanent loan it means they have to come back to us if the person they have gone to can no longer keep them. All too often ponies go from home to home or even to the abattoir and we hope that by keeping an eye on them that will not happen.

Like Sussex Horse Rescue we like our ponies to go in pairs when they have formed close friendships. We are looking for homes for two more Welsh ponies father and son which can be ridden by children or small adults. We also hope to find a special home for a gentle cob of 15 hands and a 14.3 pony. They are inseparable and they can be ridden.

Some very kind people have also come forward and taken some of our more difficult cats. All were young and had potential as loving pets but had been given a bad start in life. Jedward - John and Edward were six-month-old identical tabbies who were very unhandled. They were rehomed with a lady magistrate and her husband who had taken on difficult rescued cats before and wanted a challenge!

Four of our cats, nicknamed the Wolverhampton Wanderers as they had been strays in that city, have been taken on by a lovely couple who, like us, could not bear the thought of them being separated.

It is wonderful for us when one of the large catteries becomes vacant as it means we are in a position to take in large numbers, as we did last year from the R.S.P.C.A. Two of those cats had only three legs but some compassionate people took them on. We now have another two one young ginger girl with a missing back leg and a young black and white boy with a missing front leg. Both were strays and like access to the great outdoors but must lead a protected existence.

If you can help with re-homing cats, equines or small pigs please call 07967046068 or 01798812508. Or if you can sponsor the resident animals please contact

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