Alexandra's Animals: Adopting an animal

PUBLISHED: 21:49 04 July 2012 | UPDATED: 21:35 20 February 2013

Alexandra's Animals: Adopting an animal

Alexandra's Animals: Adopting an animal

The actress and custodian of the ABC Animal Sanctuary rehomes 16 cats in 24 hours.

It is just as well the rehoming of the animals has picked up as we recently took in 16 young, beautiful cats in just 24 hours.

The number of poor animals in need of rescuing is endless and the catteries are constantly full. On top of that Daisy, a little white cat with lovely blue eyes, is pregnant and will soon be adding to our numbers.

When she was brought in as a stray she was skeletal but fortunately after treating her for intestinal parasites and feeding her healthy food she has fully recovered.

If you can help us by taking on or adopting a cat please call 01798812508 or 07967046068 or email us through the website

A lot of un-neutered animals are jettisoned when they become pregnant and it is cruel to them and unfair to expect others to pick up the pieces. People who take on animals without counting on the expense of having them neutered should not take them on in the first place as one cat or dog and his or her offspring can be responsible for thousands of unwanted animals in just a few years.

News of the ponies is good on the whole. George the little grey pony is very happy in his new home with his young owner. Two little black Shetlands, a mother and daughter, have also been rehomed and the two Welsh ponies father and son from Weston-super-Mare are now ensconced in a lovely new abode in Carmarthen in Wales. However just occasionally things do not work out as planned and Bluebell the sweet-natured Clydesdale horse is back.

Mack, the ram, caused a major upset soon after he arrived at his new home on a wool farm when he broke out of his field and turned up at our gate looking for Mabel, the old barren ewe he had wintered with while the other sheep had their lambs. We try to keep animals together that are fond of each other but had not foreseen that Mack would still miss her when he was reunited with his other nubile wives. He was caught and he is now ensconced with his little flock and content once more. Mabel meanwhile has transferred her affections to Macks brother and they are shortly moving on to a new home as pets and lawnmowers.

What an ordeal the spring was, with laughable drought conditions imposed while endless rain came down. Lets hope this summer compensates us for the murky, muddy conditions we suffered. However every season brings its own problems. A hot summer means fly fringes (to stop the flies drinking from the ponies and donkeys eyes), special summer coats to stop the animals getting Sweet Itch and being tormented by midges and the application of endless fly sprays none of which seem to last for very long. But there are advantages too hard, dry earth means healthy hooves. The pigs of course enjoy nothing more than a good wallow but as they have the same body temperature as humans they disappear into their sties at the first sign of rain.

On that subject, we are still looking for pet homes for our four small pigs and two Vietnamese pigs having rehomed six adults and eight piglets over the last few months. If you can help do please contact us. Extremely intelligent, they are very fastidious and love nothing more than having their tummies tickled.

Our Open Days with all our celebrities, pony races, the outdoor blessing of the animals and lovely homemade food and stalls were a big success, but more of that next time.

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