A day in the life of...Ophelia Fancy

PUBLISHED: 13:58 18 March 2011 | UPDATED: 18:22 20 February 2013

A day in the life of...Ophelia Fancy

A day in the life of...Ophelia Fancy

Brighton-based lingerie designers Stevi Jelbart and Emma Sandham-King share a 'typical' day...

9.00 Stevi and Em arrive at the studio, put the kettle on and make a plan for the day. The job is so varied that this is really important we delegate the jobs between us.

10.00 Our lovely work experience girls arrive: we all have breakfast and chat over what needs doing.

10.20 Stevi sends a few emails, pays the bills and chases some invoices. She then embarks on the graphic design of the new collection brochure. The collection, aptly named Out of Control, will be available to purchase online at opheliafancy.com from February 2011. A bit of a shake-up for Ophelia Fancy, Out of Control is a new take on our usual vintage style frillies gone super-sexy, but still with a cheeky twist. Emma is our studio manager and spends the morning guiding our girlies through bespoke and wholesale orders whilst she cuts the patterns for future collections.

13.00 Lunchtime: we all sit round the table, eat lunch and have a natter.

13.30 We have a bride in for a consultation for her wedding dress and lingerie. We pride ourselves on creating the finest vintage-style bridal gowns with corresponding underwear, designed with the clients initial ideas and our knowledge and creativity.

14.30 The Ophelia Parties service kicks in. We have spent the past week designing and making 14 bespoke 1920s flapper girl outfits for a celebrity bash at the Savoy Ballroom in London. We pack up the outfits and our kit (safely pins, needles, thread, tape) and take the train to dress the girls and enjoy the party. Its going to be a long night...

For latest collection, bespoke inquiries and Ophelia parties please contact Stevi and Emma at info@opheliafancy.com

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