A Day in the Life: Jon Byers, Hamptons Regional Director

PUBLISHED: 10:35 20 April 2011 | UPDATED: 19:13 20 February 2013

A Day in the Life: Jon Byers, Hamptons Regional Director

A Day in the Life: Jon Byers, Hamptons Regional Director

Jon Byers is Regional Director South East for Hamptons, based at their Horsham office

5 am I try to greet a new day as enthusiastically as our Springer spaniel Max but he has already done two laps of the garden in the pitch black before I have my second welly on.

6:30 am My car stereo is tuned to the Today programme on Radio 4 so that I can remain up to date on all things that influence the property market. Its also quite fun to listen to John Humphrys tearing strips off an unfortunate politician!

7am I get up early so that I can be at my desk a good hour before my team arrive. Effective time management is, in my opinion the most important element of managing a large team of people and delivering an outstanding service to the customer.

8:30am Its Monday morning and every week starts with a team meeting, chaired by the branch manager. We discuss all aspects of our business, highlighting the opportunities that have arisen during the last week. Our clients deserve to expect a slick service from a company like Hamptons and that places great responsibility on us to ensure that it is achieved.

9:30am The sales team and I are busy phoning the people who viewed our properties over the weekend, seeking feedback, tempting an offer if the viewing was positive and then delivering the results to our clients.

11am I have two valuations, back to back, so I arm myself with the props to show how Hamptons will market the house and the market comparables to support my advice. My colleagues wish me luck as I leave; they are relying on me to impress the potential vendor and win their instruction so I adopt my idiosyncratic purposeful stride across the Horsham Carfax and step into my car.

1pm Both appointments went well and I hope that the vendors will consider my pitch to have been the best of the ones that they invited. I am now driving to Haywards Heath to jump on the train for London. I am chairing the South East and North Surrey region managers meeting at our Grosvenor Square head office. My wife Mellissa will vouch for how much I enjoy these meetings. The region comprises some very experienced individuals as well as some strong junior leaders and it is thrilling for me to lead such a team.

5pm We scheduled our meeting to coincide with the Town and Country Open Evening, which we hold three times a year at Grosvenor Square. These events are designed to make the most of our network and introduce the London buyer to a Hamptons country property. There is representation from across the Hamptons country network so that a Londoner can wander from Bath to Marlborough and then onto Tunbridge Wells between sips of Champagne. The events are very effective and represent one of the advantages that we have over our competitors.

8pm Im on the train at the end of a typically busy day but it has been fun and Im satisfied that I did a good job. Onwards!

Jon Byers is Regional Director South East for Hamptons International based at their Horsham office.

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