Brighton Fringe: Punk Strutt

PUBLISHED: 17:02 26 April 2011 | UPDATED: 19:15 20 February 2013

Brighton Fringe: Punk Strutt

Brighton Fringe: Punk Strutt

Kevin Short presents his new film "Punk Strut" being shown at the Three and Ten in Brighton.

Kevin Short and Rick Shaw track down their old band mates and film the build up to their reunion gig celebrating the 30 year anniversary of Kevins near hit single the Punk Strut. Along the way, they set out to discover what has become of the world of punk. They interview bands that are still playing such as the UK Subs, the Mekons, John Otway and Willy Barrett to find out what life is like for those who are still doing the music and living the punk life. The soundtrack includes live and recorded songs by Kevin Short and his Privates, amongst others.

Set in Bognor Regis, and mixing documentary, music and comedy fiction, the film tackles such questions as; Is punk still relevant? What is it like being a punk in your 60s? What does punk mean to the youth of today? Are the youth of today missing out on a fashion and music movement?

The film features Richard Gibson (Heir Flick in BBCs Allo Allo), Sylvester McCoy (former BBCs Doctor Who), Jim Carter (BBCs Cranford), David Badella (Olivier award winner for Jerry Springer the Opera), Phil Cool (the brilliant impressionist), Sal Bashir (Britains only Pakistani Elvis tribute), Georgina Baillie and the infamous Satanic Sluts and many more musicians and artists.

Punk strut will be shown on the 8th May from 10pm at Three and Ten, 10 Steine Street, Brighton. The film is suitable for ages 15 and over.

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