Brighton Fringe: 'Ave a Banana

PUBLISHED: 11:49 26 April 2011 | UPDATED: 19:15 20 February 2013

Brighton Fringe: 'Ave a Banana

Brighton Fringe: 'Ave a Banana

Underling and Vow present a new comedy act: 'Ave a Banana - A Knees up through Time and Space

As part of the Brighton fringe festival. Underbling and Vow present their new comedy act: Ave a Banana a knees up through time and space

Ave a Banana is described as A comedy cabaret sing-along for the internet generation.

Music Hall Time Travellers Nanna & Rosie, in the company of pianist Cyril Millions and 1940s housewife Mrs Beryl Herring, take their gin and tea powered shop mobility time machine on a sing-along journey through the space time continuum, charting the history of pop from Music Hall to Grime, crashing headlong into adventures, eating bananas and taking the audience with them wherever they go.

WHAT ghosts will Nanna find in her gin soaked youthful past? WHO will young wannabe Rosie become in the future? WHERE are we Cyril.?

Underbling and Vow took Brighton by storm with their sing-along antics at the Marlborough during White Night 2010, and have been asked back to the Marlborough to perform at the Brighton Fringe, the perfect venue for their wonky, dishevelled, all singing, all dancing, all comedy knees up!

Londons favourite retro-blitz granny rockers TIME OUT

Ave a Banana will be performed at The Marlborough Theatre, 4 Princes Street, Brighton on Thursday 5th May at 9pm, Friday 6th May at 10.30pm & 12.00am Saturday 7th May at 10.30pm & 12.00am. Tickets are 8

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