Antonia's Notebook: Daring Sofa

PUBLISHED: 10:50 21 March 2012 | UPDATED: 16:36 20 February 2013

Antonia’s Notebook: Daring Sofa

Antonia’s Notebook: Daring Sofa

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Versatile stripes
Im tempted to replace our beige sofa for one thats upholstered in a more daring, patterned fabric. Is this a good idea?

A new sofa or suite is a big investment and you should expect it to last a good few years. If you get bored easily, a sofa upholstered in a prominent patterned fabric might restrict you should you ever wish to change the style or colour scheme of the room.
A fabric in one colour is more versatile as you can alter the look with cushions and throws. However, if youre brave enough to opt for a dramatic print, it could look fabulous in the right setting; preferably where there is plenty of room. Another advantage is that the fabric may also be more forgiving as it suffers from wear and tear.
For something thats bold but very versatile, a striped fabric in two colours will give you a smart and striking look thats easily adapted into various different schemes. Check out Multiyorks Colorado and Denver ranges, pictured below (Multiyork 0800 040 7171).

Luxury in a small space
We want to create a luxurious shower room in a relatively small space, how can we do this?

A wet room is ideal for small spaces as theres no need for a shower screen or tray. Consult a professional who can make the room completely water tight and make sure that the floor is at the correct gradient to allow the water to drain. You may also want to consider installing underfloor heating for added comfort and to dry out the tiles.
All fixtures and fittings should be as understated and streamlined as possible. Take a look at the Axor Starck Shower Collection designed by Philippe Starck for Hansgrohe. The ShowerHeaven system has a discreet head which is available in two sizes: 970 x 970mm or 720 x720mm. Settings include a full laminar jet, a soft rain consisting of voluminous water droplets enriched with air, the Rainzone inner spray function and the full Bodyzone spray where water rains down from more than 500 nozzles, available at Leaneys of Lancing 01903 752475.

Throw in some colour
As much as I love colour, I always end up buying everything for the home in safe pastel shades. How can I break the habit?

There is an art to mixing colours successfully. Subdued shades can work well if youre trying to create a restful effect, in a bedroom for example. However, brighter colours can also have an enormously positive impact. If everything is starting to feel a bit beige and insipid, its worth embracing more vibrant shades in a way that reflects your personal style. Its sometimes hard to envisage colourful products we see adorning the shop windows in our homes.
Take something that already combines a mixture of colours you like as your starting point such as this colourful Harry Merino throw from Heals (Brighton 01273 827300). This can be used as a colour reference when incorporating matching accessories and soft furnishings. Throws allow you an instant splash of colour over a large surface area but are less permanent than wallpaper or buying new furniture.


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