Sussex company wins Chelsea Flower Show gold medal

PUBLISHED: 18:36 25 May 2010 | UPDATED: 17:15 20 February 2013

Sussex company wins Chelsea Flower Show gold medal

Sussex company wins Chelsea Flower Show gold medal

Worthing-based Garden House Design built a garden that has won a gold medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Garden House Design, Touch of Magic Limited was delighted to be the construction team for the Green and Blacks Rainforest Garden, whichwon a Gold Medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Rod Winrow from Garden House Design explained that winning a Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show is like winning a medal at the Olympics, and, the team are absolutely ecstatic with the result. A great example of team work!

Principal designer Jane Owen, along with Ann-Marie Powell created the Green & Blacks Rainforest Garden to reflect the Cameroon forest and highlight the threat the indigenous peoples tradition way of life. After a recent visit to the area, Jane Owen wanted to use the Chelsea Flower Show to raise awareness of rainforests beyond the Amazon and highlight the pressures faced by all those who live in them.

This garden is a first for Chelsea; it conjures up a rainforest family home. The focus of the garden is a leaf house or mongulu, which was built by Margerite Akom, Jeanne Noah and Mathilde Zang who wanted to use their visit to Chelsea to talk about their communities traditions and concerns and how they are being affected by incursions into the rainforest. All three women are community leaders who work with the African Indigenous Womens Organisation in Yaounde, in Cameroon.

The garden has its roots in the 18th century British tradition of narrative gardens, which expressed all kinds of stories from the political to the personal. The story of this garden is about changes that hunter gatherers are making as their hunting grounds are being destroyed by illegal logging, mining and bush meat hunting. Roughly cleared productive plots planted, like this one, with crops like maize and cassava are one of the ways that indigenous communities now provide food for themselves.

Bordering the garden was a paper collage which used Baku forest communities maps, which took the eye of the Her Majesty the Queen yesterday. It was designed and created by another Worthing-based business The Scrapbook Company.

Garden House Design have been designing and building gardens for the last 15years. This year was their fourth medal won at Chelsea Flower Show, possibly the most exciting and challenging because of the story behind the garden.

Seethe garden on the RHS website here.

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