Keep your garden blooming on a budget

PUBLISHED: 00:16 02 January 2011 | UPDATED: 18:22 20 February 2013

Keep your garden blooming on a budget

Keep your garden blooming on a budget

With the economic climate still a challenge, Leigh Clapp has come up with 11 great money-saving ideas to keep your garden blooming through 2011

Free advice
Apart from the wealth of gardening books at your local library, here are some websites to try.,,,,,,,,

Grow from seeds
Pay a fraction of the cost for a multitude of plants annuals, biennials and veg. Browse through seed catalogues on a cold January day and plan for the coming year.

Bargain plants
Keep an eye out for healthy, discounted plants at the end of seasons, buy plants without flowers, buy mini-sized pots of quick growing plants.

Right plant, right place
Work with your microclimate and soil conditions, see what does well locally.

Propagate your own
Many plants are easy to grow from cuttings, division or self-seed. Ask neighbours and friends for cuttings.

Plant swap
Swap surplus seeds or seedlings or club together with friends and buy bulbs in bulk.

Make your own compost
Use garden and kitchen waste for free organic matter for your garden.

Collect rainwater and mulch plants well.

All kinds of household things can be re-used with a little ingenuity for containers or sculptural focal points. Grow some bamboo or willows and use the stems for stakes and hurdles.

Best value
Evergreens and plants that give a long season of interest flowers, berries, foliage colour form the backbone of the garden. Fill in with hardy perennials rather than expensive bedding plants.

Rejuvenate old furniture, pots and supports with a touch of paint.

Guide to propagation of some common garden plants
Acanthus root cuttings
Agapanthus division
Alchemilla - division
Anemone root cuttings
Aster division
Buxus division
Canna rhizomes
Clematis layering, leaf-bud cuttings
Coleus softwood cuttings
Delphinium division, greenwood cuttings
Fuchsia softwood cuttings
Geranium division
Helenium division
Hemerocalis division
Lupin division
Ornamental grasses - division
Pelargonium greenwood cuttings
Phormium division, offsets
Rudbeckia division

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