Louise Redknapp interview

PUBLISHED: 17:03 03 June 2013 | UPDATED: 17:12 03 June 2013




Despite owning her own make-up company, working on a television show for Channel Four, and “keeping up with two young boys and a husband”, Louise Redknapp has a new project. She has just become the face of Gallo Summer White, a project that she describes as “suiting me perfectly.”

“When you work in the public eye, you do get a lot of these sort of offers – fronting a brand – but it’s not something I often go in for. I don’t always find that they’re really me.” Whereas working with Gallo wine, she laughs, is her to a T. “I do love wine, for starters, but this is really girly, fruity and summery, a barbecue in the garden-type wine, and that really couldn’t suit me any better. It makes it very easy to talk about!”

When it comes to the serious wine knowledge, it’s her husband, ex-Liverpool footballer Jamie, that leads the way. “He loves a good glass of wine, and has much more of an understanding than me about what he likes and doesn’t like in terms of regions and grapes.” Louise herself is happy to stick to what she knows. “I like what I like, and that is anything that is easy to drink and not too heavy – the sort of thing you can have with a couple of ice cubes in the garden.”

It’s a wonder that Louise ever gets a moment for such small indulgences, as alongside her work for Gallo Summer White, she has just taken her make-up company, Wild about Beauty, on to the world stage, with a new enterprise in Saudi Arabia. “It was absolutely fascinating over there, and the women are very conscious of their eye make-up in particular, so they take great care over it – with fantastic results.”

Louise runs the company with her business partner, Kim Jacobs, who she describes as her greatest inspiration. “She has such get-up-and-go, and is really great at pushing through when things get tough, and really believing in us as a company. She’s a star.”

Alongside Kim, there are few things in life that Louise says she couldn’t live without – namely her family, but also, (slightly unexpectedly), sugar. “Yes, definitely sugar. I just need it!” Hers is clearly a tight-knit family, and her voice softens whenever she talks about Jamie and her two sons, Charley and Beau. “They are what really makes me happy, and what holds me together.” But before the conversation can get too sentimental, she has a second thought: “on a slightly more shallow note, it’s handbags. Well if we’re being truthful what girl really can say no to a new handbag? They make me happy too!”

Louise’s make-up range is stocked in Debenhams stores across the county, and she has spent a lot of time in Sussex, as her parents used to live in East Grinstead. “My brothers and parents were always there, and I visited a lot, especially just after my first son was born, so I associate it with family, and a sense of home. My times in Sussex have always been very happy ones.” Despite keeping to a very tight schedule, given half a chance, there is nothing that Louise likes more than a bit of down-time. “What makes Sussex so great is the fact that it’s rural, but not too far from anywhere. Furnace Wood [where her parents lived], is a great place to take a walk, and Sussex is such a beautiful county.”

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