Enjoy a wonderful local breakfast

PUBLISHED: 11:59 16 February 2010 | UPDATED: 16:44 20 February 2013

Enjoy a wonderful local breakfast

Enjoy a wonderful local breakfast

Sussex Life's resident foodie on the best of local and seasonal fare

By Matthew Bunch

March doesnt offer much in the way of new seasonal crops, except the winter staples such as leeks, parsnips and the ubiquitous cabbage. This isnt to say that you should be neglecting these handsome specimens in your local produce store after all, if you are enthusiastic about buying food in season then your shopping basket will invariably consist of a decent proportion of these vegetables. However as much as I enjoy waxing lyrical about the beauty in a Savoy cabbages dramatic outer leaves or reeling off numerous ways of cooking with parsnips, I feel I should be offering a little more in the way of culinary inspiration at this bleak time of year.

Despite the ground being relatively sparse during this time, there is more to buying local food than just fruit and vegetables. In fact it never ceases to impress me just how much this county has to offer up in the way of locally produced food and drink. You can still prepare delicious and exciting meals even in March. A satisfyingly simple dinner can be had by adding a bag of organic stir fry mix from the glasshouses near Lewes to some free-range chicken breasts fried-off beforehand, then mixing up a quick satay sauce using local honey and peanut butter and generously coating everything. You can serve with either rice or noodles and enjoy an oriental classic made with fine Sussex ingredients.

An indulgent breakfast is my favourite (if not slightly ritualistic) way to start the weekend, or any day for that matter. Grab some beautiful smoked salmon from Edburton, fresh seeded loaf from your local baker and some eggs from your nearest farm (or back garden if youre lucky enough) and you have all you need for a fine plate of Sussex scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. I dont think there is any dish quite as satisfying in the long, cold March days as a portion of golden, oozing cheese on some crisp brown toast. Try melting some Sussex Cheddar such as Tremains organic from High Weald Dairy, or for a really fun twist grab some Afterburn Cheddar with chilli and garlic and add a kick to this classic snack, not strictly a local cheese but I couldnt do cheese on toast without recommending it, and youll know when you try it!

You can still enjoy great food in March and shop locally so I hope I can encourage you to think before turning to the supermarket looking for some excitement to your winter cooking.

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