Alice Rendle, Edgcumbes, Arundel

PUBLISHED: 00:00 29 April 2020

Alice Rendle from Edgcumbes

Alice Rendle from Edgcumbes


With online delivery there’s no need to miss out on good tea and coffee, as Alice Rendle from Arundel-based Edgcumbes explains.

When and why was Edgcumbes founded?

Edgcumbes was founded nearly four decades ago by my father-in-law Frank Rendle to sell high quality Indian loose leaf tea to the many cafés and hotels along the south coast. It literally started on the kitchen table of his house in Amberley, West Sussex with him weighing out 2kg bags of tea!

How has the company developed since you first launched?

The business has grown into a specialist provider of tea, with coffee and other products being added in response to demand from many customers. We now roast our coffees daily at the roastery and blend up to 40 different teas. In the past decade a strong café culture has developed in the UK and Edgcumbes supplies freshly roasted speciality grade coffees and premium loose leaf teas to customers via our online site, as well as from our busy café/shop.

Which different varieties of tea and coffee do you sell?

I am lucky enough to be able to work with some inspirational coffee and tea growers from all corners of the globe. We have coffees from Africa, Central and South America, while some of our teas from India, China and Sri Lanka have been personally selected by me when I visit the estates. All our products come from estates that are situated high in the rainforest or mountainous regions where the cooler conditions allow the quality to develop in the leaf or bean. Our ethos is simple – to source products from growers and farmers we trust, and to roast and blend them so they are at their best. We believe that fresh is best – it doesn’t get much fresher than straight from the roastery door!

Where is your coffee roasted?

Right here at the Edgcumbes Roastery in Ford Lane, near Arundel. Some years ago we invested in a state-of-the-art traditional Dutch roaster which can manage up to half a tonne of coffee a day. Affectionally known as Big Bertha, this machine truly is a workhorse and we welcome visitors to come and watch the process. Often the roaster will be happy to chat.

Do you have a particular favourite?

I am a passionate advocate of loose leaf tea. I mean, why envelop those lovely leaves with paper? I am encouraged by the growth in interest in loose leaf as people realise the environmental benefits of brewing loose leaves in a pot – mindful and relaxing!

How does your subscription service work?

We aim to be as flexible and transparent as possible – no hidden clauses or tie-ins. Our flexible subscription service starts at around £24 and is available online. It offers a variety of options – from three months to 12 months. We have been selling online for many years and our team at the Roastery works hard to keep our customers informed with some great offers available. u

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